Individual synthetic hair are glued to the eyebrow, onto existing fine hair. Tweezers to hand-place each individual hair on top the brown to make them appear thicker and a little more dramatic. The hair act like natural hair grown from your root as the process was completed. They also great for filling in bare spots. It was impossible for you to tell the difference. The strands come in different colors, so that you can find your perfect match.

If you’re exhausted from filling in your brows with pencil, gel, fiber, pomades and powder on the reg.

Brow extension are great option for people who have over tweezed, those with age-related or those with medical-related brow loss cause by chemotherapy, radiation, or trichotillomania.

Turn out getting perfect eyebrows is actually petty quick and painless. Don’t be surprised if they also plush a way any stray hair falling outside the brow line. This is establishing the perfect eyebrows shape.