- Result of Treatment: Tightens pores, reduces puffiness, accelerate healing, hydrates & brightens skin, even & clearer skin tone, deep absorption of active ingredients, smoother & firmer skin texture, no down time.

PROFIPEEL (Micro Dermabrasion)

Cleansing, Acid peel, Profipeel, Serum, Mask, Moisturizer.
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ACNE ( Pimple ) Treatment

Cleansing, Acid peel, Profipeel or Micro peel, Serum, Mask, LED light, Moisturizer.
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Age Control Stimulation Treatment

Cleansing, Acid peel, Micro peel, Micro needle, Serum, Collagen Mask, Moisturizer.

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Power Age Control Treatment

Cleansing, Acid peel, Microdermabrasion, Micro needle, Serum, Mask, Revitalize skin with calming light.

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Advanced Total Age Treatment

Cleansing, Acid peel, Profipeel, Micro peel, Micro needle, Detox, Stimulation of collagen and elastin production, Reduces wrinkle and Improves the appearance of scars.

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BDR Skin Repair

Dr. P. Holzschun MD, Plastic esthetical surgeon, Karlsruhe

"As plastic esthetical surgeon I am confronted with the skin aging problem on a daily basis. Moreover, I am continuously searching for new and innovative methods to achieve a rejuvenation of the skin.

This absolute world novelty is unique in its effect. Firstly, the elasticity  of the skin is renewed immediately, and secondly, dermaceutical products are quickly transported into deeper skin layers by means of a combination with special and unique techniques."

Dr, M.E. Cornely MD, Dermatologist, Dusseklorf

"During a clinical test of the beauty defect repair method over a period of 9 months, we obtained excellent results with patients of different ages. The face treatments we made with bdr instead of using the common cosmetical treatment, showed clearly better results than any conservative cosmetic facial treatment has achieved so far. From the dermatological point of view I can absolutely recommend the beauty defect repair method for the dermatological cosmetology."

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